Spirit Encounters: An Intimate Evening of Mediumship (San Francisco, CA)

Your soul's purpose in life is a brand new, never-before-seen, cutting edge innovation on Earth. It is the person you've come here to be, shining a light on the work that you've come here to do.

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You are unique, and if that is not fulfilled, then something has been lost.
— Martha Graham

From ancestors to spirit animals and powerful allies in the plant, mineral, mythological, and angelic realms, you've been armed since birth with a team of wise, loving spirit guides available to you 24/7, reflecting back to you your unique medicine through the gifts and perspectives they bring into your life. 

Hosted in a private loft in San Francisco, this intimate, revelatory, insightful, comedic, and sacred evening will begin with ritual acts of spiritual cleansing followed by personalized spiritual transmissions within a group setting. Participants will receive directly channeled information about and from their own personal helping spirits and actions it best serves them to take to cultivate these relationships and be more of the people they come here to be.

Date: Friday, January 26th, 2018 @ 7pm-10pm | Cost: $50
Participants: Maximum of 15 participants. Open to ALL, no experience necessary.

To RSVP, book your ticket here.

What to bring: blanket, pillow, pen and notepad, small candle (a tealight is fine)

(Participants and the general public also have the option to book one of four available one-on-one Shamanic Divination & Healing Session slots on Saturday, January 27th to address additional life questions and conditions. These sessions will take place through the afternoon and the early evening at the same location and must be booked in advance here.)

About Chiron Armand: Chiron Armand is a spirit-initiated shaman holding additional initiations in the traditions of Haitian Vodou (Houngan Asogwe), Brazilian Quimbanda (com licenca), and the Unnamed Path. He is the author of Clearing Spaces: Inspirational Techniques for Healing Your Home (Sterling Ethos) and Deliverance!: Hoodoo Spells of Uncrossing, Healing, and Protection (Missionary Independent). Armand holds a MA from New York University in Performance Studies and BA from Hampshire College in Ritual Anthropology.

Questions? Contact Chiron Armand @ Impact Shamanism
website: http://impactshamanism.com
E-mail: info@impactshamanism.com

Tickets: A pre-purchased ticket is required for this event. To RSVP for free community events, please send an email to zencohenprojects@gmail.com. Thank you!

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