'Rune Soup' Episode w/ Gordon White: Wetiko, Mediumship, & Soul Retrieval

Gordon White - author of some of the most visionary texts on magic and the occult to have been published in the last few years - also interviews some of the most thought-proving spiritworkers in contemporary Western culture. From Al Cummins and Mallorie Vaudoise, to Jesse Hathaway and Julio Cesar Ody (and many, many others), he's curated a smorgasbord of informative, exploratory audio from experts and innovators in religio-magical practice.

I was privileged enough to be invited back onto Gordon's podcast - Rune Soup - just recently.

This week we welcome back to the show Chiron Armand. Khi is a currently travelling shamanic practitioner usually based out of New York. He joins us today for a wide ranging chat covering Wetiko and how to get our heads around it, matching meaning and experience, soul retrieval and mediumship.