Short Film: 'The Witch'

In Peter Grey's 'Forging the body of the witch', he speaks of witchcraft as currently experienced in our times as a kind of collective soul loss. Through a sensual, personal, and anecdotal exploration of the dynamics of eroticism, self-discipline, ritual action, and relationship, he not only informs the reader of their disenchanted plight but coaxes to the surface the sweet nectar of both personal and collective memory of embodied gnosis.

His conceded aim? "...[T]o clothe the work of the witch in the body from which it has fled in fear, rejected, or been driven from in pain." May we all retrieve what has been shed and misplaced, for nothing True is ever lost.

Much thanks to Paige Zaferiou for her collaboration and Katelan Foisy for being my muse.

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