How to Perform an Uncrossing Bath in the Hoodoo Rootwork Tradition

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It is traditional to wake up before dawn and perform this work before speaking to anyone. Add a commercial preparation of Uncrossing bath crystals to about a gallon of hot water, steep an Uncrossing herbal blend until the infusion begins to cool, or otherwise make an infusion of herbs and minerals known for their uncrossing and cleansing properties. When it is lukewarm, remove any large bits of herbal matter and take the pot to the bathroom. You may want to light a white candle on either side of the bathtub to create an entryway.

After taking your morning shower, turn off the water and pour your prepared bath over your head, or from the neck down. Place the now empty pot between your legs to catch the runoff water. Using your hands, from head to toe, rub your body in a downward fashion. It is traditional to pray Psalm 51 or another Psalm associated with the act of spiritual cleansing. You can also pray these words or similar ones with conviction: “I am cleansed of any and all harmful energies that have attached themselves to me. I am uncrossed and made spiritually clean. Nothing can deter me from my blessed path.” Affirm that you are made clean and new. These should be your first words of the day. When finished, carefully step out of the tub backwards through the threshold created by the two candles. Air dry.

Take the pot with the excess runoff water (even a very small amount will do) to a crossroads where two roads intersect in a +. Toss the water over your left shoulder towards the West, stating “I banish this condition and, as the sun sets in the West, so does it set upon my former condition.” Express gratitude to the spirit of the crossroads and walk home without looking back. You may also toss the runoff bathwater on the base of a large tree that seems willing to drain this energy into the Earth. Traditional or not, I suggest offerings of Cornmeal or Tobacco be made to the tree for its help. Excess bathwater is said to hold your former condition and some include it as an ingredient when performing a house cleansing floorwash.

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When in the process of uncrossing and clearing, be mindful of your personal energy – who you allow into your home, who you shake hands with and come in contact with, old self-sabotaging thought patterns, and agreements you make. Be new.

According the physics concept of plenism attributed to Aristotle, nature abhors a vacuum. When energy is intentionally banished or removed, the space it occupied should just as intentionally be filled with something new, lest after our careful cleansing we leave what fills us back up to happenstance. Following any work of uncrossing, unjinxing, or curse removal, work of protection, blessing, or “drawing” should follow.

After taking an Uncrossing bath, pray a prayer of blessing over yourself from foot to head, going upwards. You may pray the 23rd Psalm and / or anoint your pulse points with a condition oil to attract or cultivate something of need or desire, such as Crown of Success, Money Draw, or High John the Conqueror. Some folks choose to dust themselves with a drawing or attracting sachet powder in an upwards manner. In the case of using Fiery Wall of Protection condition oil, you could affirm: “I am protected from any and all harm. I dress myself in the armor of God and no weapon formed against me shall prosper.“ Take a moment to bask in the glow of your affirmation. Experience it as already true and be grateful for what has been achieved.

Some folks may choose to take an Uncrossing bath for 3, 7, 9, or 13 days depending on the severity of their condition.

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