After Your Session, or How To Do What I Just Told You To Do

Whether you’ve consulted myself or another shamanic practitioner, astrologer, psychic, diviner, medium, etc., here’s what you need to know about the fine art of navigating spiritual information about yourself:

Learn to integrate your spiritual life with mundane one through proactive scheduling.

Learn to integrate your spiritual life with mundane one through proactive scheduling.

  • Take out your planner. We are taught to believe that spiritual stuff is mysterious, nebulous, and not really meant to be understood. This is only partly true; insights and truths are meant to be lived. As human beings, we are the literal embodiment of esoteric mysteries and are meant to experience them, which gives way to understanding. Trying to bypass experience leads to confusing nonsensical guru-talk if not outright violence toward ourselves and one another. Separate the actionable items you were told from everything else in your session and list them out. Then take your planner / calendar and schedule them. Were you given instructions for a spell / ritual, told to talk to a soul part or engage a helping spirit, or encouraged to make an offering? Don’t try to find the time. Make the time. Each action is a stepping stone toward something bigger.

  • Make a list of the themes and symbols that came up. Which parts of your session felt true or got you excited? Which parts confirmed insights you’ve received in the past? Which parts felt uncomfortable? Which parts felt impossible? All of these are helpful clues for you about yourself and the path you’re walking.

  • Listen to the recording again. After taking some time to journal about your initial impressions, listen to your session again. I have old recordings from sessions I had with diviners years ago that I return to at least annually. I always hear something I hadn’t heard before that helps me better understand my life-path and the journey I’m on. Take note of new insights and the connections drawn between things (i.e. - If X [action] leads to Y [fulfillment], how do you engage X in a practical and grounded manner? Do you need to ask for help? Be sure not to over-complicate things.).

  • Practice contemplation. The act of seeking information to gain insight about one’s life is at odds with our yang-obsessed culture. Long walks, long drives, journalling, meditation, and time spent in nature all help the mind and spirit slow down and more easily receive and process subconscious information, helping us with wise decision making in service of our goals and passions.

  • Pay attention to your dreams and synchronicities. Both dreams and waking synchronicities are vital parts of tracking information about your process. Though dreams may not always be easily understood at first, there are many helpful practices for teasing out the vast information they may hold and interpreting it. If you’re not dreaming, you might consider performing an uncrossing bath (or a series of them) to help make sure the channels are clear. Sleeping with Mugwort, Lavender, or other dreaming herbs can also help ensure that you’re open to what your dreams can tell you that waking life cannot.

Lean on your support systems for help with understanding your process.

Lean on your support systems for help with understanding your process.

  • Share your insights and questions with a trusted loved one. Therapy is a great option as well. Receiving spiritual insight should be all about clarity. Some of the information that comes up during a spiritual consultation might concern long-buried memories, persistent personal patterns, or family dynamics that might be hard to grasp at first. Gratefully, there are a whole host of forces that want you to understand, integrate, and arrive at greater wholeness. Having someone to reflect with can make all the difference and reveal blindspots in our processes. The work of navigating our soul’s purpose energies and the trials and accomplishments we encounter along the way is not supposed to happen in a vacuum.

  • Pick up a tool of divination and / or trance modality. Divination and trance work (like journeying) are both helpful aids in talking with helping spirits and understanding your process. One does not need to become a skilled master or a professional practitioner to gain insight from them and see how the information they provide relates to our lives. I revel in clients who bring me information from their own processes of divination, trance, and dreaming to work with and explore during our sessions.

  • Talk to your guides and helping spirits. Personally, I tend to speak to my spirits aloud because I got over looking like like a crazy person a long time ago, but you may choose pray in private, in your mind, or along your commute. Communicating with your ancestral helping spirits at an ancestor shrine is also a great option. Ask for wisdom. Ask for clarity. Ask for signs. Ask for opportunities to flex your gifts. Then be willing to take bold risks in service of your life.

  • Be willing to take risks. Not, like, stupid life-endangering stuff, but growth does require moving out of one’s comfort zone. The awesome part about this is that there’s so much more you on the other side of the stories you’ve been telling yourself about yourself. Actions given to us by soul parts, shadow parts, helping spirits, and other guiding forces are often potent challenges to help us step into that something greater that they see we have the potential for.

Lastly, claim your quest. Becoming yourself is your job. You have to own it. This is your adventure! Thanks for letting me be that weird old man sitting on a rock at a crossroads in the forest at night who whispers something to you and then turns back into a frog. It’s truly my pleasure.

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