Sliding-Scale Offering


I strive to make my work available to individuals within my community as well as organizations, businesses, and communities that are in alignment with my values. I do this by providing sliding-scale Shamanic Divination / Healing & Journeywork sessions geared toward resolving energies that are standing in the way of well-being, vitality, joy, and harmony. Though Spirit Helpers related to one or more parties involved may show up during the session, sliding-scale sessions for Spirit Helpers Consultations are not currently available.

These Shamanic Divination / Healing & Journeywork sessions:

  • are sliding-scale $80-$200 (if this is still out of reach, contact me),
  • are performed long-distance via phone / Skype
  • might include a variety of modalities within one session including, but not limited to, divination, emotional clearing, and / or shamanic journeying,
  • result in an audio .mp3 file of our session together e-mailed along with relevant notes and follow-up documents.

If you would like to book a long-distance sliding-scale session and we have not yet agreed to work together, you can fill out the form below providing a summary of your situation and goals as well as your sliding-scale availability. You'll receive an e-mail with a custom link to book your appointment with me.