Receive wisdom and guidance from the lwa,

the spirits of Haitian Vodou.

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What perspectives on my life can the lwa offer me at this time?

Is there magic that can help me achieve my goals?

How can I help ensure luck and success in my future?

 The image of Mater Dolorosa is often used to represent the Rada lwa Erzulie Freda, patron of love and wealth.

The image of Mater Dolorosa is often used to represent the Rada lwa Erzulie Freda, patron of love and wealth.

Revered around the world for the beauty of its magic, the depth of its mysteries, its profound and cunning use of Catholic imagery, and its ritual displays of dense opulence, Haitian Vodou honors divinities known as lwa having roots in Dahomean, Fon, Yoruban, Congolese, and native Taino-Arawak cultures. The initiatory tradition retains the memory of African royalty, the hot, revolutionary fire of the island it calls its home, and ancient indigenous spirits and technologies found on both sides of the Atlantic.

In Haiti, the word leson means "reading" and divination is commonly performed using a blessed deck of playing cards in tandem with mediumship. 

The lwa can help you

  • choose actions that reflect your best self,
  • get clarity about past and present experiences,
  • anticipate and prepare for possible future outcomes,
  • know the types of wanga (magic) within the tradition that will help you achieve your goals. 

In your Vodou Leson, you'll receive

  • a live 45-minute session via phone or Skype recorded for you to listen to again after our session anytime,
  • clarifying perspectives on the past, your current experiences, and possible future outcomes,
  • a detailed plan of action combining mundane steps and custom-tailored ritual actions towards resolving conditions and / or manifesting goals,
  • answers to your specific questions toward the end of your session, and
  • follow-up email access with me in case you need additional clarity.

This consultation is perfect for you

  • if you are seeking clarity regarding the path of your life, business, relationships, or spirituality,
  • if you are curious about wanga (magic) or seeking out treatments in the Haitian Vodou tradition.

This consultation might not be right for you right now   

  • if you are seeking clarity about your soul's purpose and / or the spirit helpers here to help you live it. If so, book a Spirit Helpers Consultation.


Your investment? $101


Chiron Armand is an initiated asogwe priest in Haitian Vodou (Houngan Twòp Pou Tè) initiated in 2016 under Mambo Marie Charles and Mambo Chita Tann in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.