Spirit Speak: Writing with the Ancestors, Fire & Ink

Earth, Folk, & Kin: Animism & Civil Dissent, Pantheacon 2012, San Jose, CA

This workshop explores the historical links between witchcraft, shamanism, and social justice. What role has the witch / bruj@ / diviner / shaman played in both modern and ancient political landscapes? How does an animistic worldview function within and through the bounds of capitalism? How can the tools of magick, prophecy, shamanism, and necromancy be wielded in our current day climate of civil dissent to further just causes and bring about change? How are modern day followers of Earth-based traditions especially equipped to dismantle systems of oppression?

Contact Conjure: Hands-On Rites & Techniques, Hoodoo Heritage Festival 2013, Forestville, CA

This workshop explored the time-honored tradition of hands-on cleansing and blessing of a person's body. Learn old-school conjure methods, including the use of feather whisks to take off messes, asperging and spraying of waters for peace, spiritual foot washing to cleanse away negativity, blessing of the hands, and cleansing of the head. Watch as KHI shares the historical and spiritual significance of these techniques, demonstrates them on willing participants, and teaches you how to perform these works for yourself, your family members, or as a professional root doctor in service to others.

Before + After: Devouring Tigers in the Houses of Darkness

- explored initiation as both an unavoidable and necessary aspect of the human experience and, being so, a required and regulated experience within traditional cultures around the world.

Deepening the Journey, Stone & Stang

Plant Spirits & Resistance, Brooklyn, NY

In this talk, we’ll look at the historical role of the witch / ritualist as revolutionary leader from Harriet Tubman to Dutty Boukman, animism as an antidote to capitalism, folk magic remedies for battling gentrification, economic inequality, and legal inequity, and plant spirits as long-term allies toward cultivating well-being for healthier selves and communities.