"Chiron combines the vulnerable strength and integrity of someone who dances the dance, walks the walk, and speaks from the heart with catalytic intuition, embodying the marriage of divine breath and ordinary reality. His gift is a necessity in this world."

- M.M., San Francisco, CA

“I felt the spirits come in / activate and some of them were really heart-moving and intense. I felt strongly reconnected and in a state of remembrance - I was not doing or manipulating anything, yet my psychic systems were going all out, some of this even moving me almost to tears. It was beautiful...”

— M.T., Germany

“I am honestly quite speechless. Chiron is so compassionate, straightforward, and uniquely talented. I am honored and humbled by the messages that came through and am excited to work with the spirits he revealed. He’s an absolute joy to work with and I can’t recommend this service enough.”

— K.P., Ontario, Canada

“Chiron immediately picked up on spirits that resonated so deeply with me and my ancestral line. He was clear, compassionate and detailed. I immediately put into practice the things he told me and had both spiritual and tangible results.”

— M.B., Boston, MA

“Super informative, specific, and powerful. No vague love-and-light fluff here! I was surprised by where Chiron went with his reading—in a good way! I also love how he effortlessly wove suggestions on how to integrate the wisdom of the reading into my daily life (via book recommendations, recordings, self-care practices, etc.). He came across as compassionate, knowledgeable, and very clear and deep. I highly recommend his services!”

— N.N., CA

“I had a session with Chiron yesterday and I’m just blown away with his gift. He is an amazing channeler, shaman and medicine man. I won’t go into detail, but he tapped into defining moments in my life that were incredibly accurate. I highly, highly recommend a session with him!”

— L.C., Winston-Salem, NC

“As a spirit-world wallflower I didn’t even know how to find the party, let alone snag an invite. But then one day providence put Chiron Armand in my path, and he not only got me in, he let me tag along. Chiron works all the rooms, even those he’s never entered; even those—the boiler room, the attic, that void under the stairs—that we all pathologically avoid. He is universally welcomed, I suspect because his compassion and authenticity shine too bright to overlook. Chiron not only introduced me to some of the players, he showed me they’ve actually been waiting on me. I’m in the process of building those relationships now. The awe grows and grows.”

— J.C., Chicago, IL