Chiron is so gifted and infuses all of his teachings with empowerment and love.
— H.R., Miami, FL
I had my first session with Chiron. I was a little hesitant to leave a review as I am not that eloquent. I suck at writing reviews. But when someone does good work they deserve credit. Chiron is awesome. A great person to talk to. Very relaxed but still gets right down to business. I really enjoyed our session. Chiron actually confirmed something’s for me that I had been denying/ignoring/forgotten. Things that were particular to me and not common. Things Chiron couldn’t of seen/known unless he had a genuine gift. I sincerely recommend working with Chiron and I hope this session will be just one of many. Thank you again.
— L.H.
I highly recommend Chiron Armand. If you’re a regular practitioner of magic or perhaps one who is uninitiated stopping into the proverbial ‘shop’ to have some diagnostics performed, his wit, style of communication, and accessibility in my mind set him above any practitioner of divination I’ve met so far. Chiron has a warm and accessible personality. He contains a wealth of knowledge and familiarity with spiritual lingo to transcend a lot of the common pratfalls between reader and the read for. There is a inclusivity to his own spiritual life that draws inspiration for sources beyond his own field of practice that I tremendously appreciated. If he were a tree his root system should be considered massive. His prescriptions of hoodoo remedies to aid my current efforts were systematic, rational, and will be easily incorporated into my own workings. The one I was immediately able to perform utilizing a common substance in my medicine cabinet was effective almost instantly. What I found compelling and probably the most useful for anyone who might hesitate to utilize his services is this: his capacity for his own ease of communication with his spiritual guides. With their aid, he effortlessly pin pointed my own helper spirits whom I’d been working with for the past year without any sort of prompting on my part. Both the help in my life, and the problems, were extremely cut and dry and more than specific enough to zero in on exactly what needed to be done. I look forward to working with Chiron in the future, and would encourage anyone who is on the fence and needs a little nudging to schedule his services to go ahead and give it a shot. The price point seemed a bit high, however I believe he should be charging double for what he does now.
— A.K. Chicago, IL
Chiron’s profound gifts are many. I had a Spirit Helpers Consultation recently. How is it possible to describe the effects? Pragmatically, Chiron went directly and quickly to the sprits, proficiently, resourcefully uncovering aspects of self that I knew about somewhere in my unconscious but had trouble bringing forth while at the same time validating parts of self with which I am working. He took me to places that I frankly wouldn’t be able to go otherwise. I felt encouraged, inspired, and challenged. He works with such humor, love, clarity, and so much integrity. He then follows the reading with a concrete, in-depth list of steps you can take to integrate the reading and make it work in your life. (I’m in the process of this now. And let me say, it’s challenging, but life changing.) I’m impressed by his knowledge, as this knowledge runs deep through many traditions. But it’s probably most important to say that during and after the reading I felt intense energy that, for lack of a better term, made me feel ‘high.’ For me, this is evidence of a strong connection and channeling of spirit. For all of his knowledge, humor, and kindness, this other element is the tangible evidence for me of a healer’s ability to work in the Unseen to great effect, bringing the material directly from the spirits to the client. Chiron Armand is everything you would want in a contemporary shamanic practitioner. If I had a fortune I would send everyone to Chiron, gratis. His work is so meaningful, so necessary in these times.
— A.H., Los Angeles, CA
I had a Spirit Helpers Consultation with Chiron a little over a week ago. The information he gave me deeply resonated with my soul. He gave me the messages from my guides that I needed to hear. I felt a strong healing was happening during the session and it has continued. He helped heal a past life issue and initiated a soul retrieval of a part of me that I gladly welcome back. He also sent me a follow up email with the recording of the session and a list of suggested steps to take based on that session. I believe that the benefits the session will continue as I take the action steps and work with the spirits he introduced me to. I’ve noticed several affirming synchronicities after the session and I’ve had unexpected positive shifts. I used to have strong fears around train tracks and had to put up lots of protection to get through sporting events without extreme anxiety. Both of those are just gone. It seems like every day, I’m noticing that some fear I had isn’t there anymore. I highly recommend working with Chiron. He may not tell you what you want to hear but he will tell you what you need to hear. His sessions are healing and can put you on a whole new path if you take the recommended actions after your session.
— M.D., Simpsonville, SC
I’ve been consulting with Chiron for several years, usually over the phone and most recently, I attended one of his Spirit Mediumship group sessions which I found to be so insightful as well as entertaining! Chiron is the guide I consult with when I am standing at the crossroads of life and sometimes, the messages I receive happen weeks after the reading and most often just when I need it the most. His guidance over the years has become my trusted source of information from the spirit realms to help guide me through my personal and professional life.
— Z.C., San Francisco, CA
Chiron combines the vulnerable strength and integrity of someone who dances the dance, walks the walk, and speaks from the heart with catalytic intuition, embodying the marriage of divine breath and ordinary reality. His gift is a necessity in this world.
— M.M., San Francisco, CA
It doesn’t make sense that you knew these things about my childhood because I’ve never shared them with anyone except my best friend. If none of your clients tell you you’re amazing, I need you to know you’re amazing.
— O.O., Cincinnati, OH
I had a really positive experience working with Chiron. Concerns and situations were listened too fully. He is extremely knowledgeable about a variety of religious traditions and experiences. The follow up work is both practical and empowering.
— Y.C., Amherst, MA

“I felt the spirits come in / activate and some of them were really heart-moving and intense. I felt strongly reconnected and in a state of remembrance - I was not doing or manipulating anything, yet my psychic systems were going all out, some of this even moving me almost to tears. It was beautiful...”

— M.T., Germany

“I am honestly quite speechless. Chiron is so compassionate, straightforward, and uniquely talented. I am honored and humbled by the messages that came through and am excited to work with the spirits he revealed. He’s an absolute joy to work with and I can’t recommend this service enough.”

— K.P., Ontario, Canada

“Chiron immediately picked up on spirits that resonated so deeply with me and my ancestral line. He was clear, compassionate and detailed. I immediately put into practice the things he told me and had both spiritual and tangible results.”

— M.B., Boston, MA

“Super informative, specific, and powerful. No vague love-and-light fluff here! I was surprised by where Chiron went with his reading—in a good way! I also love how he effortlessly wove suggestions on how to integrate the wisdom of the reading into my daily life (via book recommendations, recordings, self-care practices, etc.). He came across as compassionate, knowledgeable, and very clear and deep. I highly recommend his services!”

— N.N., CA

“I had a session with Chiron yesterday and I’m just blown away with his gift. He is an amazing channeler, shaman and medicine man. I won’t go into detail, but he tapped into defining moments in my life that were incredibly accurate. I highly, highly recommend a session with him!”

— L.C., Winston-Salem, NC

“As a spirit-world wallflower I didn’t even know how to find the party, let alone snag an invite. But then one day providence put Chiron Armand in my path, and he not only got me in, he let me tag along. Chiron works all the rooms, even those he’s never entered; even those—the boiler room, the attic, that void under the stairs—that we all pathologically avoid. He is universally welcomed, I suspect because his compassion and authenticity shine too bright to overlook. Chiron not only introduced me to some of the players, he showed me they’ve actually been waiting on me. I’m in the process of building those relationships now. The awe grows and grows.”

— J.C., Chicago, IL

I really enjoyed my reading with Chiron. He was down to earth but focused and really made sure I understood all aspects of the reading. I felt supported and appreciated his honesty and kindness. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for some guidance and ways to break through patterns that are no longer working or holding you back.
— E.Q., Canada
Chiron’s mediumship has continued to deliver clarity healing on such a deep ancestral wound. Chiron saw into me things not many know, with such accuracy. That unfortunately/fortunately I’m working on in current time. My deepest bow in gratitude for Chiron being the voice for my ancestors/spirit guides to speak through, because of his mediumship I am able to decipher their voices through the noise ever clearly. In fact the karma cleanup is reaching far back, farther then I could have imagined alone. It’s like he fully + safely opened a door that had only been cracked, I’ve been communicating and creating spells around this illumination ever since. The ancestral healing has been so profound I can see changes not only in me but rippling out into my family.
— T.A., Berkeley, CA