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Spirit Encounters: An Intimate Evening of Mediumship & Learning a Lot about Who You Came Here To Be, Private Loft 2018, San Francisco, CA

From ancestors to spirit animals and powerful allies in the plant, mineral, mythological, and angelic realms, you've been armed since birth with a team of wise, loving spirit guides available to you 24/7, reflecting back to you your unique medicine through the gifts and perspectives they bring into your life. 

Hosted in a private loft in San Francisco, this intimate, revelatory, insightful, comedic, and sacred evening will begin with ritual acts of spiritual cleansing followed by personalized spiritual transmissions within a group setting. Participants will receive directly channeled information about and from their own personal helping spirits and actions it best serves them to take to cultivate these relationships and be more of the people they come here to be.


Performative Objects Mini-Panel, NYU Tisch Performance Studies 2017, New York, NY

A short presentation on the use of performative objects in my practice, including anecdotes from case studies and my experience initiating into Haitian Vodou.

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Before + After: Devouring Tigers in the Houses of Darkness, Psychoanalysis, Art, & the Occult 2016, London, UK

A comparative treatise on Carl Jung's initiatory experiences and that of spirit-initiated shamans in the contemporary West. An exploration of initiation as both an unavoidable and necessary aspect of the human experience and, being so, a required and regulated experience within traditional cultures around the world.

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Dancing Our Spirits, Hampshire College 2016, Amherst, MA

In this workshop, we'll explore the concepts of helping spirits and soul's purpose before shamanic journeying to meet the spirit in charge of helping us be the people we've come here to be. To kickstart our relationships with these energies, we'll engage in a process of embodiment, dancing and being danced by them to have a greater understanding of ourselves and the role they play in our lives.


Shamanic Perspectives on Mental Illness, Hampshire College 2016, Amherst, MA

A talk exploring contemporary Western views on mental illness and juxtaposing them alongside indigenous perspectives on wellness including the importance of initiatory crises in the life of the individual. 

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Traditions of the African Diaspora, Hampshire College 2016, Amherst, MA

A lecture detailing the history of the Transatlantic Slave Trade and how different tribal traditions' encountering Protestant and Catholic colonizing forces led to the establishment of creole religions and religio-magical practices throughout the New World. An exploration of the similarities, connections, and distinctions between U.S. Southern Conjure, Cuban Regla de Ochá, Haitian Vodou, and the traditions of Candomblé, Umbanda, and Quimbanda in Brazil. 

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Plant Spirits & Resistance, Base 2015, Brooklyn, NY

“The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house.” – Audre Lorde

Objective empiricism posits a dominance of the physical senses for what can be known about our world, but many indigenous knowledges maintain animistic worldviews that hold our world as an enchanted one. An enchanted world can possibly shift our lives from one of separation to one of restoration. Amongst the folk magic, witchcraft, and indigenous traditions of Brujeria, Hoodoo, Lucumi / Santeria, Haitian Vodou, etc., we find tools and practices for battling everyday oppressions as well as the strain of systemic inequity.

In this talk, we’ll look at the historical role of the witch / ritualist as revolutionary leader; animism as an antidote to capitalism; folk magic remedies for battling gentrification, economic inequality, and legal inequity; and plant spirits as long-term allies toward cultivating well-being for healthier selves and communities.


Botanica Land: A History of Folk Magic in NYC, Brooklyn Brainery 2015, Brooklyn, NY

In every borough in NYC are shops selling candles, oils, baths, statues, and other items for making magic that heals, protects, attracts love, and brings money, amongst other needs and desires. This brief introduction to the urban botanica as a holistic wellness site por la gente explores the history behind the practices and curios where African and Latin American diasporas meet on U.S. soil.

Through sound, image, video, and object analysis, we'll see how influences from African-American hoodoo, Mexican brujeria, the religions of Cuban Santería and Haitian Vodou -- and their commercialization throughout the 20th century -- result in the medley of wares found on botanica shelves today while telling a story of New York City's geography and peoples.

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Spirit Speak: Writing with the Ancestors, Fire & Ink IV: Witness 2015, Detroit, MI

In this workshop, we’ll explore the role that the unconscious plays in human creativity. Drawing on West African and Black American wisdom traditions while giving a nod to the sacred roles that LGBTQ, gender-variant, and same-gender loving people have embodied in cultures around the world, we will create a space of communal affirmation of giftedness and a safe container for expression of memory and subjective experience. Within this space, participants will learn techniques of automatic writing, dream recall, divination, sacred space-making and seership for intentionally connecting to the wells of inspiration whose waters rise up in our lives and writing. Through the cultivation of intuitive senses and the exploration of methods for tapping unconscious reserves of stories and images, participants will be equipped to move through creative blocks, take their work to deeper places, and gain a glimpse of the healing journey their craft is leading them on.


Hoodoo Rootwork Mentorship, Private Location 2014, Brooklyn, NY

This 10-week in-person class offers students foundational training in the Southern Black Protestant magical tradition known as hoodoo, rootwork, and conjure. Through studying the tradition's history and building skills in divination, mediumship, plant spirit alliance, formula creation, and treating the conditions the modality is known for addressing, students will acquire valuable tools for their private religio-magical practices and professional endeavors.

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Deepening the Journey: Techniques for Trance States, Stone & Stang 2014, Santa Cruz, CA

In this workshop we’ll explore tools and techniques for deepening our experience of trance states and interpreting the crazy logic messages we receive from our helping spirits concerning our immediate desires and long-term goals. We’ll also explore unique applications of trance states for group visioning toward collaborative endeavors and sustainable cooperative systems here in Middle World.


Contact Conjure: Hands-On Rites & Techniques, Hoodoo Heritage Festival 2013, Forestville, CA

This workshop explores the time-honored tradition of hands-on cleansing and blessing of a person's body. Learn old-school conjure methods, including the use of feather whisks to take off messes, asperging and spraying of waters for peace, spiritual foot washing to cleanse away negativity, blessing of the hands, and cleansing of the head. Watch as Chiron shares the historical and spiritual significance of these techniques, demonstrates them on willing participants, and teaches you how to perform these works for yourself, your family members, or as a professional root doctor in service to others.

Earth, Folk, & Kin.jpg

Earth, Folk, & Kin: Animism & Civil Dissent, Pantheacon 2012, San Jose, CA

This workshop explores the historical links between witchcraft, shamanism, and social justice. What role has the witch / bruj@ / diviner / shaman played in both modern and ancient political landscapes? How does an animistic worldview function within and through the bounds of capitalism? How can the tools of magick, prophecy, shamanism, and necromancy be wielded in our current day climate of civil dissent to further just causes and bring about change? How are modern day followers of Earth-based traditions especially equipped to dismantle systems of oppression?