Divination is a tool for receiving clarity about past, present, and possible future outcomes of our decisions. It is also a diagnostic tool for uncovering the root causes of dis-ease blocking vitality, wellbeing, health, and success in the lives of individuals as well as within relationships, family dynamics, and organizations.

I perform divination* using:

  • cartomancy, such as tarot,
  • water scrying,
  • Sangoma-style casting of bones, and
  • geomancy

In your divination session, you'll receive

  • a live 60-minute session via phone or Skype recorded for you to listen to again after our session anytime,
  • clarifying perspectives on the past, your current experiences, and possible future outcomes,
  • a detailed plan of action combining mundane steps and custom-tailored ritual actions towards resolving conditions and / or manifesting goals,
  • answers to your specific questions toward the end of your session, and
  • follow-up email access with me in case you need additional clarity.

A divination session might be right for you

  • if you are experiencing crossed conditions and seek to resolve them,
  • if you are seeking clarity regarding the path of your life, business, relationships, spirituality, or other endeavors,
  • if you have questions regarding a wide variety of concerns (rather than just one or two),
  • if you feel called in your heart to work with me.

A divination session might not be right for you

  • if you feel clear about exactly what is needed to achieve your goals,
  • if you are seeking clarity about your soul's purpose and / or the spirit helpers here to help you live it. If so, book a Spirit Helpers Consultation.

*Please Note: If Shamanic Healing & Journeywork is suggested by my helping spirits near the start of your divination, we will revert to that service for the remainder of your session at no extra cost.

Your investment? $197


What others are saying about this work

I really enjoyed my reading with Khi. He was down to earth but focused and really made sure I understood all aspects of the reading. I felt supported and appreciated his honesty and kindness. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for some guidance and ways to break through patterns that are no longer working or holding you back.
— E.Q., Canada
He puts on absolutely no airs, and has a lovely, open energy. I went for a reading, but our chat felt so organic and covered so many topics that the reading was seamlessly woven in. I learned so much spending time with him, and left feeling empowered and encouraged, with fresh ideas to try.
— J.B., New York, NY
You really cut to the heart of the situation with x-ray vision. Insightful and sensitive, I loved your energy and the way you approached my problem. I feel like I’m back on track again.
— S.S., London, UK