Receive clarity, inspiration,

and transformative solutions that restore you.

My consultation with Chiron Armand was an extraordinary and profound experience. He effortlessly, courageously and powerfully demonstrates the artistry and competency of a highly adept and masterful healer.
— M.B., Portland, OR
In addition to the tarot, your session may employ such divinatory methods as casting of bones, bibliomancy, and geomancy.

In addition to the tarot, your session may employ such divinatory methods as casting of bones, bibliomancy, and geomancy.

Live shamanic journeying and direct channeling allow for deep investigation and on-the-spot engagement with helping spirits.

Live shamanic journeying and direct channeling allow for deep investigation and on-the-spot engagement with helping spirits.

How can I achieve my goals?

What can help me heal from the past?

How can I be better supported by my home or work environment?

Divination helps us see what’s see what’s going on in our lives, families, businesses, and environments. We see how the past has shaped the present and how current actions can shape the future, including magical and spiritual efforts.

Shamanic journeying is a divinatory trance technique that allows us to engage directly with helping spirits to retrieve:

  • helpful perspectives,

  • lost or stolen power and soul parts,

  • hidden shadow parts,

  • ancestral medicine,

and resolve the root causes of crossed conditions, including (but not limited to)

  • curses, hexes, and jinxes,

  • entity intrusions,

  • past life issues,

  • and ancestral patterns.

In this session, we'll use divination and / or shamanic journeying to address any questions you may have at this time. We’ll also look at the potential for additional spiritual and magical efforts to aid you in reaching your goals.***


In your Divination & Journeywork session, you'll receive

  • a live 60-minute session via phone / Skype recorded for you to listen to anytime,***

  • clarifying perspectives on the past, your current experiences, and possible future outcomes,

  • spiritual and magical solutions and / or coaching, if applicable to your situation,

  • follow-up email access with me in case you need additional clarity.

A Divination & Journeywork session might be right for you

  • if you are experiencing crossed conditions and seek help resolving them,

  • if you seek help reaching your goals,

  • if you feel stuck or blocked in your life, environment, business, relationships, spirituality, or other endeavors,

  • or if you seek inspiration and new perspectives in your work, projects, and endeavors.

A Divination & Journeywork session might not be right for you

  • if you are seeking clarity about your soul's purpose and / or the spirit helpers here to help you live it. If so, book a Spirit Helpers Consultation.

Everything in that last journey you did for me is proving to be the work of my life now.
— N.N., Beacon, NY

*** If divination early on suggests hoodoo rootwork, Haitian wanga, other modalities, or a referral to another practitioner to resolve your situation, the remainder of the session balance will be put towards that work or refunded.

Your investment?

My offerings are based on a sliding-scale structure to accommodate folks from a variety of economic backgrounds.



(First Bottle)

(First Bottle)


(Second Bottle)

(Second Bottle)


(Third Bottle)

(Third Bottle)

I thank you in advance for being honest with yourself about your personal financial experience as it better enables me to meet the needs of the diverse persons that work with me from many different walks of life.

What others are saying about this offering

I am lucky to know Chiron and to have him in my life as a guiding life. His immense skill is mind-blowing, and I’m a practitioner. He has unbelievable expertise in so many fields, I defer to his knowledge again and again. Chiron has worked me through some of the darkest chapters, from energy hygiene to soul retrieval to past life resolution. I can say that to have success in your life, to have growth, to have a deeper connection to the universe and even your day to day life is to have the very special influence of Chiron. I’ve never met anyone like him. His books are a staple in my library. His service is my first stop when I have to outsource complicated energetic situations. Prepare to have your mind blown. Prepare to have your life changed.
— A.E., Atlanta, GA
A few months ago, I received an ancestral healing session from Chiron. He really was precise in his assessment of the block I was experiencing (still working through!) I really enjoyed how he moved through our journey with a unique play and presence for the energetic shifts we witnessed together. I struggled to integrate following our session, and he was generous before and after with providing an array of remedies from hoodoo and divined intuition around spellcraft that would help open up my path (following through with these techniques were CRUCIAL for me at that time). Chiron is a gifted spiritworker, but what’s even more beautiful is that he is really invested in his clients’ transformation. I feel he sees his work with everyone within the collective healing of our cultural community, and for me that sense of vision makes all the difference in how beautifully and sincerely he engaged with me. It is something truly felt from the wounded/healing one’s end. So much appreciated.
— R.C., Mexico City, MX
Chiron Armand does THE most for you. THE MOST. In addition to being extremely helpful in facilitating healing between me and spirits we don’t currently have the technology to really commune with, Chiron is a shaman that can say “I’m out of my depth here, there’s another professional I know who—.” They be paying attention to details and if what you got going on takes a while to explain and repair, Chiron will take that time. We went over the prescribed hour because there was so much to unpack AND a divination was included due to necessity. There was no “Act now and you’ll get” there was no “We’re going over so I’ll need” there was only me, Chiron, and spiritual repair. Periodt. I’ll be doing this again in a few years once I get my bearings on who is around me now. Thanks again, Chiron!
— C.B., Minneapolis, MN
I’ve been consulting with Chiron for several years, usually over the phone and most recently, I attended one of his Spirit Mediumship group sessions which I found to be so insightful as well as entertaining! Chiron is the guide I consult with when I am standing at the crossroads of life and sometimes, the messages I receive happen weeks after the reading and most often just when I need it the most. His guidance over the years has become my trusted source of information from the spirit realms to help guide me through my personal and professional life.
— Z.C., San Francisco, CA
I really enjoyed my reading with Chiron. He was down to earth but focused and really made sure I understood all aspects of the reading. I felt supported and appreciated his honesty and kindness. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for some guidance and ways to break through patterns that are no longer working or holding you back.
— E.Q., Canada
I had a session with Chiron yesterday and I’m just blown away with his gift. He is an amazing channeler, shaman and medicine man. I won’t go into detail, but he tapped into defining moments in my life that were incredibly accurate. I highly, highly recommend a session with him!
— L.C., Winston-Salem, NC