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Shamanic Healing & Journeywork

Shamanic journeying - a trance state for traveling through non-ordinary reality (the spirit world) - can reveal the underlying root causes of dis-ease and crossed conditions and lead to healing and resolution of energetic disturbances within the journey itself.

Shamanic journeying is my primary modality for:

  • resolving soul loss
  • resolving soul theft
  • power animal retrieval
  • resolving past life concerns
  • shadow part retrieval
  • clearing harmful ancestral patterns
  • clearing generational curses

If you believe you would benefit from a Shamanic Healing & Journeywork session, you can book an initial 30-minute phone / Skype conversation during which we can discuss what you are experiencing and I can ascertain the questions that it best serves me to take to my helping spirits within shamanic journey. 

Please note that this 30-minute conversation is not a divination session. Though you might receive insight and clarity about shamanism, shamanic healing, and your current concerns, it is intended primarily as a clarifying conversation toward my choosing the most effective questions to take to my helping spirits regarding your experiences.

Your initial investment? $60

If, following our conversation, it best serves us to work together, your investment of $200 will enable me to journey on your behalf either remotely or in-person at my office in Brooklyn, NY. Both are effective.


If it best serves us to work together, shortly after our conversation you'll receive

  • a recorded narration of the shamanic journey,
  • detailed follow-up notes highlighting major occurrences within the journey and suggested immediate actions,
  • resources to support your process based on what was encountered / resolved in the journey including, but not limited to, custom ritual actions and suggested media,
  • the option to book a 30-minute follow-up call for $60 to answer any questions you may have and help ensure that you're on the right track.

A Shamanic Healing & Journeywork session might be right for you if

  • you are experiencing crossed conditions and seek to resolve them,
  • you believe soul loss, soul theft, ancestral issues, or past life concerns may be at the root of current conditions within your life, relationships, or family dynamics,
  • you are interested in resolving a gap between what you are experiencing and what you believe to be possible in your life,
  • you feel called in your heart to work with me at this time.

A Shamanic Healing & Journeywork session might not be right for you if

  • it is more important to you to gain clarity on a variety of diverse questions than focus on a few possible root concerns. If so, book a Shamanic Divination session.

What others are saying about this work

My consultation with Khi Armand was an extraordinary and profound experience. Khi weaved together an exquisitely rich and transformational healing tapestry unique to my circumstances. Khi effortlessly, courageously and powerfully demonstrates the artistry and competency of a highly adept and masterful healer. In less than an hour, my life was forever transformed. The albatross that heavily weighed on my soul was transmuted. Additionally, Khi’s empathy, heartfelt dedication of service to community and professionalism created an unparalleled experience for me.
— M.B., Portland, OR
I’m extremely grateful for the shamanic journey you took on my behalf. I’ve never experienced anything like it before. It made me see things about myself in a different way. Your audio was very informative and helped me to understand myself better. Again, thank you.
— R.R., San Jose, CA
I am blown away by you. You are so magical, talented, insightful, accurate. And you have such a beautiful and talented way of speaking and telling a story. I really appreciate it. I’m amazed by your accuracy.
— R.K., New York, NY
You touched the points that I always felt were the issues plaguing him. I am glad that the healing was successful. I appreciate the time that you spent in this process.
— J.S., Brooklyn, NY
For most of my life I have been battling negative ancestral patterns disrupting my love and emotional life. Khi was able to clear it out and cleanse me with a beautiful shamanic session. With his further guidance I now have the freedom to heal and embrace a wonderful fulfilling love life! Khi is like a spiritual personal trainer and I will definitely continue to work with him in the future!
— K.T.
During the first month it was on the market, I only had two potential buyers to look at my house. Both potential buyers loved the home and one buyer was really interested in buying the home and wanted to come back for another showing. However that buyer never came back and from that day on, my house sat on the market for 7 months without any showings/activity. I knew at that point that something was wrong because the house was practically new with many upgrades in a desirable area. Khi performed a shamanic healing session and the shamanic journeywork showed that there were difficulties with the land. Khi was able to remediate the difficulties and, paired with conjure work, he was able to help me sell my house very quickly.
— C.C., GA