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you can be supported by your environment. 


What do I do if my house is haunted?

Can buildings or land be cursed?

How can I sell this property?

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Environments are like recorders – what happens in them leaves a lasting impression. Space clearing can renew your home or workplace, removing harmful, stagnant energies and optimizing those that support and sustain.

Space clearing is possible for

  • residential homes and spaces

  • commercial property and storefronts

  • warehouses and industrial spaces

  • farms and rural property

By using divinatory methods to discern unresolved energies in the space and surrounding areas, we can take direct action toward remediating the environment through hands-on application of tools and techniques and / or shamanic healing and journeywork to rectify matters in non-ordinary reality.

Space clearing can be helpful

  • for resolving energetic issues such as paranormal occurrences and unexplainable events

  • when moving into a new home or business establishment

  • to help sell or rent real estate

  • during a major life or business transition

  • to help bolster creativity and innovation

  • during a stressful period in life or work

  • after a long illness, passing away, or divorce

  • to help invite new opportunities


For offices & storefronts, space clearing can

  • provide enhanced visibility

  • attract clients and customers

  • boost workplace morale and efficiency

  • and, increase sales by encouraging repeat patronage.

In your Space Clearing Consultation, you'll receive

  • a comprehensive e-mail assessment of the energies affecting your space,

  • a step-by-step plan of action toward remediating the environment and achieving your goals within the space.

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In the "Notes to Business" section, please include the type of space (home, business, land), general location (town or city, state or country), the issues you’d like to be addressed, and your ultimate goals for the space.

What others are saying about this offering

During the first month it was on the market, I only had two potential buyers to look at my house. Both potential buyers loved the home and one buyer was really interested in buying the home and wanted to come back for another showing. However that buyer never came back and from that day on, my house sat on the market for 7 months without any showings/activity. I knew at that point that something was wrong because the house was practically new with many upgrades in a desirable area. Chiron performed a shamanic healing session and the shamanic journeywork showed that there were difficulties with the land. Chiron was able to remediate the difficulties and, paired with conjure work, he was able to help me sell my house very quickly.
— C.C., GA
It’s a fabulous apartment except for the fact that it is very ‘busy’ with spirits and energy. He came the first day we arrived back in NYC and cleansed the apartment from the outdoor rooftop to every room inside. As soon as he was done, my daughter felt relief and for the remainder of the month she never felt a thing.
— M.R., Dallas, TX