Talismans, Amulets, & Power Objects

Talismans, amulets, and power objects concretize intention, making manifest that which began as a desire or idea. They can also act as energy reserves or link us to spirits and holy powers.

Saint Cyprian Amparo

The word amparo loosely translates as “protection” in both Portuguese and Spanish. In the traditions of curanderismo and hoodoo rootwork, it often indicates a type of amulet crafted with Saint Cyprian or Saint Michael the Archangel to ward against spiritual danger, malefic magic, and harmful entities. Amparos are also made to help temper the influence of La Santisima Muerte, a Mexican folk saint, for those who work with her.

These amulets are crafted and consecrated on Saturdays on an altar to Saint Cyprian, patron saint of magical practitioners and spiritual mystics. They can be carried on one’s person, kept in a wallet / purse, kept on a shrine, or placed above one’s door.

After ordering, please e-mail the photo of the person it is being made for to info@impactshamanism.com.

Please Note: Style of amparo may vary based on available depictions.

$27 including s/h