One tree. Many branches.

Chiron Armand is a spirit-initiated shaman practicing in a contemporary Western context. He brings to bear in his practice more than a decade of experience in Neo-Pagan, African-diasporic, Polytheist, and contemporary shamanic religious and magical traditions in addition to an upbringing in Protestant American Christian mythos.

All of humanity's spiritual and wellness traditions share a common root.

Shamanism is humanity's earliest wellness modality, encompassing practices found around the world for

  • discovering the actual root of dysfunction & dis-ease,
  • sensing into events in the past, present, and future,
  • accessing healing for the body, mind, and spirit,
  • communicating with helping spirits, and
  • bringing us into right relationship with our environment.

The word shaman, popularized by Western anthropologists, has its origins in the indigenous Siberian word šamán, with a root prefix meaning to know

Shamans are often "called" by dreams and signs before experiencing near-fatal crisis followed by training, but some work in hereditary traditions.